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Acupuncture                   Acupuncture treatments have a positive influence on almost any condition.
It simultaneously treats the whole body, mind and spirit, because of the
synergistic influence that each system has on another. Treatment plans
are individualized based on each person’s unique presentation.
Go to Andreas Acupuncture for complete menu of services and rates

Relaxation Massage
          Reduce stress, fatigue, congestion. Improve circulation, increase oxygen
and nutrient supplies to the muscle and joints. Relax and Restore.

Couples Massage               Contact Joan at 585-442-3998 to set up a couples massage.
                                                    Same as above, but provided in a room where a couple, partners, or friends
can relax and enjoy a massage together. Each person has their own therapist
who will provide a massage catered to their needs. Refreshments are available
for you to enjoy after the massage, you can discuss the choices when you
schedule your appointment. Must be paid for at the time of scheduling.
Saturdays are the only day available for couples massage.
Payment includes both massages and refreshments.

Deep Tissue Massage
     Back, neck and overall body pain may be caused by injury or poor posture. Massage,
stretching, trigger point therapy, cross fiber friction, Muscle Energy Technique
(MET), and Myofascial Release (MFR) can help you gain awareness of your body
and relieve pain.

Hot Stone Massage         Benefits are the same as Swedish Massage, but the heat of the stones
allows the muscle tissue to soften so that the therapist can more effectively
treat trigger points. Soothing and very relaxing.

Pregnancy Massage       Provides relief from muscle cramps, spasms, lower back pain,
pain in the legs, hips, and neck. Increase in circulation which can reduce swelling
and reduce stress on weight bearing joints. Similar to a Swedish Massage except
for the positioning – which is side lying.

Sports Massage                Help prevent injury by adding massage to your training schedule.
This can help to prevent injury and improve performance. This can
be a sport specific, customized service to be sure we focus on your individual needs.

Shiatsu                                A form of therapeutic Japanese bodywork. Acupressure is applied along
energy meridian lines on the limbs and back. It can include pressing, soothing,
tapping and stretching techniques and is performed without oil or cream and
through light comfortable clothing.

Reiki                                      Translated as “Universal Life Force Energy. ” Client remains clothed and
feels only light pressure as the practitioner provides the treatment.
It is known to assist in naturally healing the body, mind and spirit.
It can also stimulate the immune system, and lower blood pressure,
and release tension. A feeling of deep relaxation, release of stress,
and a comforting  meditative state.

Reflexology                          The application of appropriate pressure to specific points and areas on
the feet which correspond to different body organs and systems.
Enhances overall relaxation, brings internal organs and their systems
into a state of optimal functioning, increases blood supply which brings
additional oxygen and nutrients to cells.

Spiritual Readings          Robyn DeVoist is a gifted Medium who is sensitive to vibrational energy and
is able to communicate with spirits and your spirit guides. She receives
information through the centers of sight, hearing and feeling. Readings can
bring comfort from loved ones who have passed into spirit and provide
guidance, insight, and support from your spirit guides.




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Aditional Information
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A Healing Sanctuary
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A Healing Sanctuary
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A Healing Sanctuary
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A Healing Sanctuary

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